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] [bells and chimes ringing] [music continues] ♪ ♪ [singing in italian] santa lucia santa lucia santa lucia >> fantastic! wow! let's hear it for them. ladies and gentlemen, epiphany productions sonic dance theater, san franciscoance theater, san francisco trolley dancers. you will see them on muni jay church line. they'll be there all year. fantastic. nice work. well done. and now while we're still tallying our scores, our band today is called the slot blades but i bet you didn't even know what a slot blade is, do you? it's a piece of machinery the cable car operator uses to stop the cable car. it's a very important piece of metal. it's the official emergency brake that drives a metal wedge into the ground and pushes the blade and imbeds itself for a quick stop. but these slot blades keep us going. ladies and gentlemen, once more, the slot blades! [applause] ♪ ♪ oh, go bop ♪ go bop, bop, go bop, bop, go , go bop ♪ ♪ go jingle bop ♪ go bop >> the slot blades, ladies and gentlemen! >> thank you. >> is everybody ready? is everybody ready? to announce the amateur th
, canadá, puerto rico santa lucia >>en el béisbol todo parece indicar que el futuro de rafael durcal cambiará. >>en la cuarta entrada bate para nick, el ex jugador de atletics pega y la victoria de yankees queda firmada. ocho por cuatro >>fuego entre angelitos y tigres de detroit, aparece andy , con una atrapada espectacular hoy no fue la tarde de brendan bosh, mire lo que hace. >>la victoria cinco a uno, para los angelitos. >>y le siguen lloviendo los billetes en el mundo de la nfl peyton m. renovó para potros de indianapolis por cinco años y 90 millones de dólares 18 por año, lo mismo que gana su homologo thomas bradey >>la máquina cementera gana a los zorros del atlas dos a uno >>y este fin de semana se realiza un festival de lajo, la edición 23 donde los asístentes se dan el lujo de saborear antojitos preparados con ajo, las puertas abren a
ellos se auto-descalifican.. s.o.t. s.o.t. lucia moreno/oficina de asistencia financiera 13:59:00 es una buena oportunidad para poder dar esa información más abiertamente a atraer más a los estudiantes a que apliquen y agarren una educación más alta de la high school.. activistas aplauden la firma de hoy, pero dicen que lo que necesitan es la ab131 que permitira a indocumentados recibir ayuda financiera pblica como cal-grants .. esa medida todava necesita ser aprobada en el senado.. take sot - animated open cu --buenas noches les saluda blanca garza, gracias x acompaÑarnos . cu ---aunque algunos llaman a esta aprobacion, una "victoria", otros piensan que este es un trmino demasiado pretensioso. ---esto es lo que nuestra companera pilar niÑo encontro al hablar hoy con estudiantes en san francisco. take pkg take pkg con poca emocion reaccionaron algunos estudiantes de san francisco a la aprobacion de la ley ab130 de california. arandely mendoza/estudiant e de administracion de empresas 16:43 pues realmente no siento que vaya ser mucho el cambio de lo fue que anteriormente 16:47 irvi
be kidding me. this is lucia and charlie brown and the football. there is no way we'll go for this kind of deal. >> you have strong concerns about tax increases. is there one tax loophole closing that you would agree with? >> in the context of this debate, you cannot raise taxes. if we're going to do a tax reform package that will be tax neutral or lower that is one thing. i'm all for doing that down the road. in the context of this debate, there is no way we will be for raising taxes. raising taxes. >> have you made that clear to leadership? >> you're not the first reporter to ask. >> how many votes do have in your corner on that? >> that 33 members to sign the pledge out of 175 that says we will not support the debt ceiling unless there is cuts, caps, and a balanced budget. more and more members are signing on to the pledge. it was developed by outside conservative groups. more and more candidates and members of congress are joining each day. all but the two republican presidential candidates have signed the pledge. , cap, is the website. >> to you think you have left the
, guillermo, who say senior, lucia, a senior, felicia is a senior, mary ellen is a senior, alisa is a senior, they're here representing the millions of people around this country who are as brave as the soldiers on the front lines in afghanistan. we don't have time for more delaying tactics. we need to get to the business at hand. we have a message that we can send back to the house very quickly. that's why we got rid of the -- i'm sorry, that's why we got the message so quickly last night, we wanted to get to what we're trying to do today and that is solve this problem we have. we can't do this alone. we need the republicans to join with us. we hope that before midnight approaches they will come to us and we will have worked during that -- during the day to say, thanks, that's a good idea, but i haven't heard anything from the republican leader. now, i hope he knows his troops are concerned. we know that. all of us know that. we have talked to republicans. we have a proposal that is a proposal that the president will sign. it takes into consideration many of the objectives the republicans h
tomorrow which could bring it back into areas around the bay, maybe mount diablo, the san lucia range to the south, it may be tomorrow afternoon that you see some buildups unless you're headed inland to yosemite or lake tahoe in which case you'll probably see some this afternoon and tomorrow. so plan accordingly as it could be a bit bumpy out there this afternoon. mostly sunny in and around the bay. i see sunny with two is. we'll correct that. slightly warmer -- fast typing thats to happen. partly foggy at the beach, even later this afternoon, continued mild as our warmer locations will be in the mid-to low 90s today. more like upper 80s for the rest of the fringe areas out there in the valley as we see high pressure prevailing out in the desert southwest. that will bring that subtropical moisture up from the desert southwest into the northern mountains here as it moves across the foothills of the sierra and northward over the next couple of days with the afternoon thunderstorm potential, continued mild for the bay as we continue to see our fog and low clouds subtly move in and out. i
to its ceo. thank you for coming on "world business today" today, mr mr. lucia. why did your expectations come in disappointing the market? why was it? >> we basically have one of charges and a very important one was in the -- with a very highly innovative pioneering technology for cancer and the technology is feasible but commercially not ready. so this is a classic case where you work on a high-tech innovation project and you realize that it's not yet prime time. >> when will it be prime time? you're talking about a therapy treatment for cancers. but won't they need much more investment? can we see more quarters of disappointing earnings because of these charges? >> no, we have clearly, taken all the necessary steps and we will continue to do research and development on it and then we will see how and when this technology is evolving. >> mr. loscher, i must talk about concerns surrounding the u.s. debt debacle. the u.s. is a huge market for you and it's creating, as our colleague ramy inocencio was saying before, waves in the currency market because the u.s. dollar is falling. how are y
like you're wearing arrest more. and the little bra company, the lucia lace bra and randi was okay with me saying she is a size double a but feels like she can move into an a or b category with this bra and feels natural. it's a natural fit with a discrete padding. >> thank you. you look great. let's go to the peek-a-boo bra. and for that we have nancy modeling. >> it's tank top season. and especially for women like us that are at work and you want the to conceal cleavage, and not show it off, this is a great option. it's from shape effects at -- it's a great price, $29. they come in sorted colors in every season they have more colors. >> and you don't mind if it shows. >> no, you want it to have a little peek-a-boo and has extra coverage and still underwire so you don't feel like it's a bandaeu. >> this is the every day bra which we all need. >> this is maidenform's lilia key hole minimizer bra. mouthful. but the minimizer, don't let that word scare you. it's the perfect t-shirt bra, seamless, really keeps your girls just in the right place. and i know it sounds f
, zoe and lucia all under the age of 9. the only survivor, the father and husband. he was able to escape as the van swept down the violent creek. they had been camping in a national forest when it started morning. an emergency responder stuck in the same washout while responding to the scene but was rescued about two hours later. how tragic and sudden that was. >> yeah. nail biting moment at the championship motocross match in minnesota. watch. >> whoa! launches. we got trouble. down and down hard. oh! >> oh, that was motocross rider chad reed. he was in the lead before wiping out with 450 riders. coming up at full speed. even more incredible, he remounted his bike moments later and finished a very respectable 14th place and for a while, it looked like he could fly. >> there he goes. >> they were taking a look at him. looks like the silencer -- >> takes a licking and keeps on ticking. after that falling off the bike -- >> yeah, pretty much. >> i think we were -- that's amazing. >> i played darts in the back. >> we understand. meanwhile, is it raining in your backyard? look at the
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)